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The DriveMining Project is a mobile mining project that opens the door to efficient and passive mining for a wide range of audiences. We enable companies to participate in the value chain of the crypto market, without having to make capital-intensive investments. The idea of the DriveMining project was born in Berlin in 2017 and since then, our team of skilled and enthusiastic engineers has created a sustainable and efficient mobile mining system that can be installed in existing vehicles and generate additional revenue for the company. It utilizes existing infrastructure, requires no additional investment and carries much less risk compared to traditional mining farms, due to the fragmentation of mining units. Our DriveMiner can switch between 11 different types of crypto currencies and is able to adapt to different measurement or communication devices, providing the basis for future projects in mobile data collection. DriveMining aims to support environmental protection projects with data by collecting a wide variety of environmental information, regardless of location or vehicle type.

Core Services
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Huseyin Uysal

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